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The J. Weck Company, manufacturer of the iconic Weck jars, was founded by Johann Carl Weck in Oflingen, Germany at the beginning of the last century. The J. Weck Company developed and introduced the home canning method for glass jars, which became popular not only in Germany and Europe but also around the world.

Weck has been working in the field of home canning research since, continuously developing and improving home canning methods. Modern Weck jars consist of a glass jar, glass lid, rubber ring, and two stainless steel clamps. The rubber ring is heated to seal the container and is the only part that needs to be replaced with repeated use.

Today, Weck jars are not just used for canning; they have also served as candle holders, wedding favors, lighting fixtures, and more. With its appealing aesthetics and trademark strawberry logo, Weck jars have become a favorite among consumers and designers. Weck has been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine.