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Rescue Chocolate is the first and only artisan chocolate company that dedicates all of its profits to animal rescue. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Rescue Chocolate is the brainchild of Sarah Gross, a lifelong animal lover who decided to start a business that combined her two passions – chocolate and helping animals in need.

The story of Rescue Chocolate began when Gross came across a pit bull named Mocha on the Internet. Mocha’s foster mom, desperate to find her a permanent home, had posted an online listing on Petfinder.com. Gross was drawn to Mocha and kept checking on her to see if anyone had adopted her. Though she had grown up with dogs and volunteered at her local animal shelter, Gross knew she couldn’t have a dog at the time as she was never home and her building didn’t allow pets.

But Gross couldn’t help setting an appointment to meet Mocha, and she ended up adopting her. One day a few months later, Gross took Mocha on their morning walk after having a bar of dark chocolate for breakfast. Suddenly, it occurred to her: why not create and sell a delicious chocolate line and donate the profits to homeless animals?


Gross already knew what tasted good, having developed a best-selling flavor at her part-time employer, raw chocolate company Gnosis. Together with executive chef Jean Francois Bonnet of Tumbador Chocolate, she developed flavors that are not only scrumptious but also shed light on current animal issues through their packaging. For example, Peanut Butter Pit Bull counters the negative public image of pit bulls, while Pick Me! Pepper presents the advantages of adopting pets from animal shelters.

All Rescue Chocolate products are organic, vegan, and kosher. The company has donated to No Kill Advocacy Center, Old Dog Haven, All Fur Love, New York City Rescued Kitties, House Rabbit Society, United Animal Nations, and many more.