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Based in San Francisco, California, Move Loot aims to make buying, selling, and moving used furniture easier and more fun. The company was founded by four friends – Bill Bobbitt, Jenny Morrill, Ryan Smith, and Shruti Shah – who have moved across the country several times in the last few years and cringe at the memories of dealing with furniture. Often, a lot of time, money, and resources are wasted when moving furniture. The friends believe it shouldn’t have to be that way, so they started Move Loot.

The Move Loot team’s goal is to provide folks with peace of mind and extra income while simultaneously keeping furniture out of landfills. Those who have quality furniture to sell just have to upload photos and details about their stuff and Move Loot will come by to pick them up. The company will take care of the selling part and the final sale price is split in half between Move Loot and the seller.