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Based in Berthoud, Colorado, Go Green Baby Company is an online retailer of eco-friendly baby and children’s gear that makes life easier on parents and the planet. From cloth diapers to green toys, Go Green Baby Company is dedicated to offering products made with quality, organic materials and supporting families on their green living journey.

When Katie Caufield became pregnant with her daughter, she began thinking about her role as a parent and wanted to make sure her baby was born into a natural and healthy world. Katie and her husband, Kenny, have always been huge advocates of eco-friendly living and felt that it’s an even more important lifestyle choice now that they’re parents. The Caufields use only cloth diapers, make their own baby food, shop locally, grow vegetables in their garden, and buy secondhand or reuse products to reduce their landfill contribution.

Go Green Baby Company is a reflection of the couple’s passion for sustainability and desire to share their experience with other parents who want to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle while raising a family. A former social worker, Katie has witnessed the power of families to make a positive impact on the planet. She believes that every one of our personal choices makes a difference and we can start by teaching our children to live sustainably at a young age.

Go Green Baby Company is proud to carry products that are aligned with its ethical and moral principles. All products listed on the website are made with low-impact dyes and sustainable materials such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Go Green Baby Company also sources as many items as possible from small, independent companies that share its beliefs, especially businesses run by moms or families with similar green values.

Go Green Baby Company’s goal is to provide affordable, green products for kids while supporting families who want to minimize their environmental footprint.