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Sixty percent of women experience outflow every month during their period, and one in four experience light bladder leakage on a regular basis. Dear Kate is smart underwear for real women. Each pair of leak-free lingerie features a patent-pending fabric lining designed to replace pantyliners on light days or serve as backup protection on regular flow days. The revolutionary fabric is composed of two luxurious microfiber layers and one thin, breathable outer layer – the inner layers absorb fluids and wick away moisture, while the outer layer traps and prevents leaks.

Dear Kates can comfortably hold three tablespoons of liquid or three times more than most other functional undergarments on the market, ensuring embarrassing leaks and stains are a thing of the past. Additionally, women who wear 2 pantyliners per day for light incontinence can save 730 liners from going into landfills per year if they wear Dear Kate undies instead. And because the fabric releases stains, women never need to handwash their Dear Kates, saving 30 minutes every month.

Dear Kate underwear is super comfortable, machine washable, and comes in several fun colors and styles. This smart, performance lingerie is the brainchild of chemical engineer Julie Sygiel, who recognized that most underwear cannot keep up with a woman’s body. Wanting to provide a better alternative to “period panties,” she created the moisture-wicking, stain-releasing, leak-resistant fabric behind each pair of Dear Kates. Two hundred pairs of undies were made and sent to real women to test while the fabric was being developed. Today, Dear Kate is empowering women to do anything by equipping them with “underwear that’s up for the challenge.” Dear Kates are made in New York City and come in XS to XL sizes.

Dear Kate has been featured in ELLE, TIME, Co.Design, SELF, Treehugger, xoJane, Pregnancy & Newborn, Refinery29, and more.