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Based in San Rafael, California, Fitmark creates functional and stylish bags for fitness enthusiasts. Fitmark’s sole purpose is crafting bags for the weekend warrior, elite athlete, rock climber, runner, yogi, bodybuilder, and anyone who wants practicality and quality in their gear. The company doesn’t sell shoes, shirts, or supplements – just bags that support your highest fitness goals.

Fitmark was founded by longtime fitness buff and entrepreneur Mark A. Samuel, who had seen one too many people carrying shapeless, uninspired bags at the gym. He knew they wouldn’t settle for bad clothes or a flabby body, so why not have the same standards for a bag? The problem was that there wasn’t a company that exclusively focused on making high-end fitness bags, so Samuel set out to start one and Fitmark was born in 2011.

Fitmark has been featured in Men’s Fitness, Inside Fitness, Muscular Development, NBC News, and more. Current Fitmark Athletes include triathlete Mary Beth Ellis, mixed martial artist Jim Miller, and yoga instructor Heidi Kristoffer.