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Writer’s block is one thing that any writer could certainly do without. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes. But a Canadian startup is on a mission to change the way the world writes and make it easy to create original, targeted, and engaging marketing content.

Founded by John Zupancic, Wriber is a content creation software that provides dynamic writing prompts, based on what you’re writing in real time, to help you research, outline, and write your blog post, article, white paper, e-mail campaign, sales sheet, or e-book up to 50 percent faster. It also learns your writing style to ensure that you’re always getting the most appropriate and thought-provoking suggestions.

In addition to prompts, Wriber teaches you how to tweak your content to be more engaging to your target audiences. It also makes sure that your writing is readable and easy to understand. And like a good editor, Wriber helps you maintain a consistent voice for your brand. You can set custom standards for all your content, and, prior to publishing, the software will verify that your content meets them.

When inspiration starts to run dry, Wriber offers a fresh batch of topics to create content for, so you’ll never stare at a blank screen again. Furthermore, Wriber links to your existing marketing automation and content management systems.

By combining convenience, speed, workflow integration, and flexibility, Wriber enables you to quickly create relevant, compelling content for all your marketing channels and generate more leads and conversions with less manual effort. Improve your content strategy without hiring subject matter experts or outsourcing collateral. Wriber makes your current staff more efficient at writing interesting content, saving you time and money.

Wriber is presently incubated at the University of Waterloo’s Velocity Garage in Kitchener, Ontario. You can apply to become a beta user on the startup’s website.