IDEX Corporation is a multi-billion dollar venture that is engaged in the designing and development of various fluidics systems. In addition, this Lake Forest, Illinois-based company is also a manufacturer of various engineered products that play a vital role in multiple vertical markets. Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (IEX), the company generates more than $1.83 billion in revenue, annually.
It is Andrew K. Silvernail who currently leads the company as the Chairman & CEO. The company’s product portfolio is categorized into five business units, which include dispensing equipment, health & science technologies, fluid & metering technologies, fire & safety and diversified products. The name IDEX is an acronym of “Innovation, Diversity and Excellence”. True to their company name, the business has diversified their offerings, while maintaining global standards and exceptional quality to their products. The company’s operations have greatly expanded by means of diversifying its offerings. From a small venture in 1988, IDEX is now a trusted leader in innovation and engineered products. The development of the company is mainly due to its aggressive stance in acquisition and organic growth.
The health & science technologies offered by the company encompass implantable devices and several medical equipment. They also produce highly precise fluidics components and sub-assemblies that are most useful in clinical diagnostics, medical technology advancements and drug discovery. Around the globe, their fire & safety products are preferred by professionals. The company is the producer of the Jaws of Life extrication and recovery tools. They provide foam systems and firefighting pumps. The precise fluid-handling systems that IDEX they provide are useful in various applications. These systems are used in food and beverage processing, the oil and gas industries, diesel engine lubrication etc.
Manufacturing products that are used in critical applications, IDEX remains to be a top innovator that supports a wide range of industries. Their products continue to touch lives and make a difference in the future of technology and medicine.