JBT Corporation is a diversified company that provides its products and services to both the food processing and air transportation industry. JBT stands for John Bean Technologies and is listed as a global solutions provider to these two industries. It operates through its two business segments: JBT FoodTech and JBT AeroTech.

JBT FoodTech is the company’s provider of various services to the food processing industry. The solutions provided by the company enhance the quality of food and allows these food items to be stored for a longer period of time. This business segment provides two principal offerings: freezer solutions and protein processing solutions. From meat to seafood, poultry to fruits and vegetables, the freezer solutions provided by this segment maintain the freshness of these food items. The tastes are also enhanced using the protein processing solutions they offer.

JBT AeroTech provides solutions most helpful to airports around the world. It provides airport services for the maintenance of the facilities of the establishment, its systems and equipment. This segment also supplies equipment for aircraft towing, cargo loading and aircraft deicing. The machineries they offer also provide boarding and on-ground aircraft cooling and power. One of its biggest partners is the United States military forces.

The products offered by these two business segments are highly advanced and sophisticated. These offerings are designed, manufactured and tested by the company before they are deployed for use. It has a very long history of expertise and leadership in the industries it serves. Its history traces back to the founding of its core business the Bean Spray Pump Company in 1884.

As the demands of their customers change, the company is positioned to readily address these requirements. JBT Corporation continues to invest on their research and development segment to come up with the latest technology that they can use to deploy their offerings.