KaryoPharm Therapeutics, Inc. is one of the companies that have taken on the challenge of finding novel treatment for cancer. The business is one of the clinical-stage pharmaceutical ventures that are traded publicly on the NASDAQ.

This Natick, Massachusetts-based company started in 2008 and now has several products in the pipeline of research and development. Its creations are mainly medications that are directed against nuclear transport targets. These therapeutics are intended as treatment for cancer and other major diseases that have a huge unmet area of discovery and medication. KaryoPharm has expertise in understanding the regulation intracellular transport. This activity occurs between the nucleus and the cytoplasm and their discovered medications are in the small molecular level.

The novel first-in-class therapeutics that they are developing are being tested on dogs. These animals serve as the best surrogate model for human malignancies. As of, the clinical trials of their products yield positive results and have been endorsed to further testing.