Sleeping is a much needed activity for everyone. This is the best activity that allows our body to rejuvenate and heal after a day’s work. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the capacity to sleep soundly. Some people are challenged with sleeping because of health conditions, while others are just plain not comfortable with the beds they are sleeping on.

Mattress Firm, Inc. is one of the trusted companies in the United States that understand the need for everyone to relax and sleep. The business is a publicly traded retailing and mattress store chain business that started its operations in 1986. Mattress Firm stands out in the industry through the values of their well-trained associates and their knowledgeable approach in marketing their products. The company remains true to their commitment to understanding and providing everyone’s needs to get a sound sleeping time.

As a retailer of mattresses and other bedding products, the business carries a wide range of brand names that are capable of providing every customer the sleep they need. Their mattresses vary in sizes and some are even used for therapeutic purposes. In addition, Mattress Firm also introduced their in-store television network program, Firm Network, to provide their customers education about sleep and guide them in selecting the right product for their needs. It continues to enhance its services to provide better customer experience to anyone who steps inside their stores.

As of, Mattress Firm operates more than 1,600 store locations in 33 states. It has underscored the service they provide through their motto “Save Money. Sleep Happy.” As the largest US bedding retailer in the country, it markets some of the world’s trusted and well-loved brand names when it comes to sleeping.

Publicly traded on the NASDAQ, Mattress Firm has made an announcement in September 2014 that it will be acquiring The Sleep Train, Inc. With the acquisition, the business has bolstered its position in the industry of specialty retail bedding.