The Atlantic Ocean is one of the roughest and harshest environments on the planet. Wrapped in snow and giant waves, the sea hides in its depths, one of the most promising sources of oil and gas. Several companies have ventured into the North Atlantic region in high hopes of striking oil and tapping nature’s resources to address the needs in the energy market.

Because of the rough and harsh environments that the region offers, not all businesses are able to make it through. In dire need to start exploiting its natural rich seabed, companies run to North Atlantic Drilling Limited to provide them the resources to start their operations. The business was just recently created in 2011 and despite its tenure as an offshore drilling services, more and more companies in the oil and gas industry partners with them. North Atlantic continues to provide its services to clients who are in need of a partner to conquer harsh environments.
This Hamilton, Bermuda-based company functions as a subsidiary of Seadrill Limited. 74% of the company’s assets and stocks are owned by Seadrill. Its operations are mostly sitused in the areas of the United Kingdom and in Norway. As of December 2013, their assets include 3 jack-up rigs, 4 semi-submersible rigs, 8 offshore drilling rigs, two other rigs that are still under construction and 1 semi-submersible rig that is still being constructed. Armed with more than 1,600 highly talented and skilled associates, the business continues to explore the North Atlantic basin. Companies around the world partner with North Atlantic to continue harnessing oil and gas at a more cost-effective manner.

Considered as a leading driller in the region, North Atlantic continues to publicly trade its common stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is a component of the Russell 3000 Index and continues to offer its products and services to the oil and gas industry around the world.