As the name suggests, Pool Corporation is a business that provides swimming pool and backyard related products. Founded in 1993, the company conducts its business in North America and in Europe. In addition to the 160,000 national brands it carries, the company also has its own branded product line.

Its product portfolio includes pool accessories like heaters, filters, pumps, lights, braces, liners and pool walls. The company also markets construction products for new pools and for use in remodelling both in-ground and above-ground pools. They also carry chemical products that serve as cleaning agents to maintain the cleanliness of the pools. Conducting business as a one stop shop for those who are in the process of creating their own pools, the company also offers plumbing and electrical components in addition to their pool accessories and lawn products.

Pool Corporation serves the government, commercial customers, landscape construction and maintenance contractors and those retailers of swimming pool supplies. The company remains to be a publicly traded venture on the NASDAQ.