The solutions offered by technology company Rambus, Inc. allow their business partners to innovate the next best invention tomorrow. Branded as a patent troll by some, the company is a licensing venture that is best known for developing RDRAM.

Although the history of the company is marred with various patent battles against several chip makers, the business remains to be the preferred partner by some of the world’s largest names in consumer electronics goods. Toshiba, Intel, Sony, Elpida, Renesas, AMD and Qimonda are just some of the products that have bought licenses from the company for use in their own technological advancements.

Providing innovative solutions to some of the most challenging innovations, Rambus continues to support its customers and partners bring forth fully developed products through its out of the box thinking and culture of genius. With a market capitalization of more than $2.5 billion, the business generates the majority of its revenue by licensing some of its patents.