Despite the hazards brought about by smoking, millions and millions of people around the world continue to smoke. The staggering number fuels the tobacco industry and the addiction of nicotine allows new businesses to flourish. One of the companies that serve as an integral component of the tobacco industry is Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc.

Compared to other tobacco businesses, the company is not directly engaged in the production cigarettes, but rather produces the paper that is used to wrap it. Together with its subsidiaries, the company manufactures and markets reconstituted tobacco products and paper to the global tobacco industry. In fact, the company has been noted as the world’s largest producer of cigarette paper. The business is registered as a premier specialty company that provides engineered solutions to the tobacco industry. As of September 2011, the business has about 191 patents and 88 pending applications that are applicable to the industry. These patents include a wide array of cigarette papers, wrapper and binder products.

The estimated global market share of the company in the production of cigarette paper is at 36%. Its operations are categorized into three divisions: Filtration, Paper and Reconstituted Tobacco. Part of their filtration division are products including extruded components, thermoplastic nets, laminates and nonwovens. These products are not only used in the tobacco industry, but is also used in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, liquid, air and water filtration, electronics, industrial and the food and beverage industries. In addition to the cigarette wrapping papers manufactured by their Paper division, the unit also offers other commercial and industrial products including printing and writing papers and other specialized papers. The offerings of their Reconstituted Tobacco segment include wrapper and binder products and reconstituted tobacco leaf.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, the business was founded in 1995 and currently trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. As of, they have about 3,000 full time associates.