Interviewing candidates for a job is a good way to measure who they are, but in many cases, an interview doesn’t accurately gauge what a candidate can and cannot do. This is what Dave Balter, co-founder of Smarterer realized back in 2010 when he was interviewing applicants for an Analyst post at the company he previously worked for. Since he himself was not an Analyst, he wasn’t able to ask some of the more technical questions that needed to be asked. He knew that there had to be a better way to test a candidate’s skills, and that’s when he decided to open up his own business. Smarterer crowdsources and compiles skills test questions. Not only does it make skills testing easy, it also makes it more fun for the candidate.

In 2014, Smarterer was acquired by Pluralsight, the world’s largest e-learning library that targets professionals. The combination of resources of Smarterer and Pluralsight has helped improve the service by a great deal.