3D printing has made a significant contribution in the marketing of some of the world’s most loved items. Through this type of printing, companies are able to create a prototype of their product before they even start mass producing their new idea.

Considered as a world leader in 3D printing, Stratasys continues to provide the world with the systems and materials used in 3D printing. Through the prototypes created from these 3D printers, users are able to detect product flaws early on, before it hits the production site. The company continues to inspire innovation by distributing their products to designers, educators, makers and manufacturers around the world. The systems offered by the company are capable of using various thermoplastic materials that range from ABS to ULTEM 9085.

It was in 1989 that the company got created. S. Scott Crump together with his wife Lisa Crump, built the company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where it continues to hold its headquarters. The business is now a multi-million venture that generates more than $484 million in sales annually.