Machines have simplified the most complex work that needs to be done in a day. Imagine plowing an entire field without the use of heavy machineries, construct railways and roads without the use of bulldozers and lift heavy loads without the use of cranes and forklifts. With these machines and equipment, our lives are made easier and we become more productive.

In the United States, one of the largest dealers of these constructions and agricultural machineries and equipment is Titan Machinery, Inc. The business was founded in 1980 and it continues to diversify its offerings and provide the market with the much needed complex machines. Titan Machinery carries virtually all kinds of agricultural and construction equipment. It partners with its customers and suppliers to eventually fulfill its mission of becoming the “Equipment Expert” in the region.

Titan Machinery is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. Its common stocks are marketed under the ticker symbol TITN. It is a component of the Russell 3000 Index and continues to hold its corporate office in Fargo, North Dakota. While the business continues to supply the entire nation with these agriculture and construction machineries, its operations are strongly focused in the Midwestern region of the country. In total, they have about 119 dealerships with 13 stores opened in Romania and in Bulgaria. The products offered by the company are manufactured by CNH Company. These machineries include the brand names CNH Capital, Kobelco, Case IH, New Holland Construction, New Holland Agriculture and Case CE.

Titan Machinery takes pride in all the products they carry that bears world class parts and service supports. Through their direct contact with CNH Company, they are able to acquire the cheapest products, which they pass on to their customers, making them the preferred partner for best deals. Annually, Titan Machinery generates more than $1.09 billion in revenue.