The blue and yellow can has long become the trademark of WD-40 Company, the maker of the WD-40, a water-displacing spray and penetrating oil product that is marketed around the world. The business has several products that remain to contain a secret ingredient that has never been copied even before.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, the business is listed as a global marketing organization that trades publicly on the NASDAQ, using the symbol WDFC. The company started out as the Rocket Chemical Company in 1953 and made its name change in 1969. The name was taken from the only product the company sells back then. It was said that the name change was initiated by John S. Barry, who led the company as CEO and President starting 1969. He initiated the name change since the company is not engaged in manufacturing of any rocket products. Today, their trademarked blue and yellow cans are marketed around the world and reaches more than 160 countries.

The offerings of WD-40 include a wide range of products for cleaning, maintenance and specialty items that are used by enthusiasts, in the industrial realm, at home and by hobbyists. Since the time the company introduced to market the WD-40 more than 60 years ago, it has become the home of some of the world’s best known brands. It owns the brand names 1001, Carpet Fresh, 2000 Flushes, X-14, WD-40 BIKE, 3-IN-ONE Oil, Lava, Solvol, no vac and Spot Shot. The product offered by the company was first made commercially available in 1958. The WD-40 was first sold in the store shelves in San Diego, California.

WD-40 Company continues to provide the world with innovative products that remain unmatched. It promotes cleanliness and safety and as well as maintain the perfect condition of our items, especially those that are made of metal.