It doesn’t matter if they’re large corporations or small businesses with a handful of employees, companies have been striving hard to hire and keep the best talents in their industry. In order to do that, business owners and company HR departments continue to find ways to keep their employees happy. Aside from offering competitive salaries and comprehensive medical benefits, companies often offer incentives in the form of perks.

AnyPerk is a company that provides companies with perks they can give their employees. The company was co-founded by Taro Fukuyama and Sunny Tsang in 2012 at the parking lot of a nearby Taco Bell. The idea behind the company was to help the Human Resource Departments of companies manage their employee perks program. Companies registered with AnyPerk has access to a wide variety of perks such as discounts at popular restaurants and coffee shops, free spa treatments and subscriptions to dating sites and other subscription-based services, and special deals on ticket for sporting events, concerts, and other events. The software platform developed by AnyPerk uses GPS to alert employees if they are in the vicinity of any of the company’s partner-vendors.