Propane is used in commercial, industrial and residential settings. This gas is a by-product of processing natural gas and refining petroleum. It is one of the common means of heating and cooking our food, powering locomotives and even as a backup electrical generation. Through the years, this product remains to be accessible to millions of people around the world.

In the United States, the largest marketer of propane is AmeriGas. Created in 1959, the business continues to supply the need for propane in 50 states. Being the largest in the industry, the company is known for partnering the quality of their products with the safest and most reliable service across the country. Their name has become synonymous to experts and trusted partner in the energy sector. The company is manned by more than 8,400 friendly staff who understands the needs of their clients and business partners and remain on standby to support their demands.

As a national brand name, the company continues to operate more than 2,000 propane distribution locations in all states. They provide their products and services to more than 2 million customers. Their customer base includes residential users, the agricultural sector, industrial, commercial, motor fuel and wholesale customers. The business also offers their service in installing propane appliances, including those that are part of the heating system in establishments and homes. The transportation of their propane products is done with the use of rack and bobtail trucks. These assets are also leased to their customers to ensure safe transportation and transfer of their offerings.

Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, AmeriGas ceaselessly supplies the country with the propane. The company reported that on their 2014 fiscal year, they were able to sell more than 1.3 billion gallons of propane. The business remains publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (APU).