Listed as one of the affluent finance companies in the United States, Alcentra Capital Corporation is a specialty organization that is listed as an invested company that is non-diversified and close-endedly managed.

It is a public venture that trades on the NASDAQ, using the symbol ABDC. Headquartered in New York, the business has the Alcentra NY, LLC as its investment adviser and is part of the Alcentra Group Holdings, Inc. The company is known as one of the leading sub-investment grade credit asset managers in the world. Its focus are the U. S. and European markets and provides its services to clients thriving in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries; government services, homeland security, defense energy, outsourced services and several other verticals.

The business has elected to continue on conducting its trade as a regulated business development company. Its customized debt and equity financing solutions are geared towards servicing lower middle-market ventures.