Law enforcement officers, private security personnel and members of the military all rely on firearms to serve and protect the people. In order to help improve and optimize firearm technology, Yardarm Technologies, a company based in Capitola, California, has developed state of the art machine-to-machine technology that increases awareness about how members of organizations involved in law enforcement and security, as well as the Armed Forces use and discharge their weapons.

The solution they came up with is a sensor that recognizes when and how a firearm is holstered, un-holstered, and discharged. The Yardarm Sensor also detects movement, geo-location, and even the direction in which the firearm is fired. The information gathered by the sensor is transmitted to specialized dashboard used in Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems in real time. This would give crime scene analysts and other support groups vital information in determining what really happened during the time when firearms were discharged. The technology is said to be able to curb abuse by officers of the law by giving dispatch officers and police officials a clearer picture of what really transpired during an officer-involved shooting. In cases when a firearm equipped with the Yardarm Sensor is stolen or moved without the owner’s knowledge, it sends a signal to the owner’s phone who then has the option to disable the weapon remotely, making it virtually impossible for criminal elements to use officially issued firearms in their criminal acts.

This innovative piece of technology has earned Yardarm Technologies recognition from respected news and media agencies such as CNBC which named the company as one of the 10 Most Innovative Small Businesses in 2013. Yardarm Technologies continues to improve on the technology they have created to ensure accuracy and the seamless transmission of data gathered.