In Canada, utility companies lose over $10 billion every year to avoidable power theft and distribution losses – and the losses increase by 2.5% per year, too. Awesense Wireless Inc. aids utility companies in regaining its losses and, thus, in making their services more effective, efficient and responsive for their end consumers.

Awesense currently serves only the Canadian market but its plans for expansion are providing utility companies in the United States with the opportunity to regain their losses, too. Even utility companies with smart substation technologies and meter infrastructures can benefit from the products and solutions, such as monitoring systems and mobile sensors, provided by the company.

Furthermore, Awesense has sophisticated Platform-as-a-Service grid analytics technologies and tools that provide its clients with true business intelligence for their distribution grids. These products are designed to find non-technical losses including metering errors and power theft, which results in billions of dollars in revenue loss; on the global scale, it exceeds $100 billion annually.

One of its most notable solutions is the TGI & SenseNET system, which consists of software designed to identify parts in the distribution grid with the highest risks for losses and thefts. The system also consists of mobile data collection tools designed to provide information about the grids’ actual loading conditions and analytics applications designed to aid in the monetization of losses and thefts.

While Awesense has its share of competitors, it stands out for offering the most effective and efficient wireless system that provides information within days; its competitors have systems that take weeks or months to do the job. Its competitive edge also lies in its mobile sensors, which aid in guaranteeing no power interruptions and in eliminating bucket trucks from operations without the capital expense.

Awesense has been awarded with various grants and citations including the BC Hydro Sustainability prize, thanks to its mobile monitoring system.