The current corporate profile of CollabRx, Inc. is the result of the buyout that Tegal Corporation made and the reorganization of the businesses. The business is registered as a data analytics company whose ground works have paved the way of drug discovery and the advancement of medicine and the healthcare markets.

As a data analytics company, CollabRx is capable of interpreting big data. Through their cloud-based expert systems and the insights of some of the nation’s top clinical experts, the company is able to influence and provide insights on some of the decision making in the healthcare systems. Part of the expertise of the company is their access to the world’s knowledge in genomics-based medicine. From their collected data, they are able to analyze, interpret and make diagnosis on some of the clinical trials and therapies conducted around the world.

By organizing their analyzed and interpreted data, the company is able to come up with interactive and standard frameworks, which are referred to as Molecular Disease Models. These models are published and will serve as reference for future innovation in medicine. Some of these compiled works and knowledge are made available through their web-based and mobile applications. By collating this information, CollabRx makes it easier for researchers and innovators to reference and leverage their undertakings on previous clinical trials and therapies. These references make the conversion of knowledge into personalized therapy options easier.

The products and services offered by the company are not only beneficial to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Laboratories, healthcare publishers, physicians and patients alike are also able to benefit from the offerings of CollabRx. Currently, the technology and applications offered by the company are made available by downloading their repository on the Apple Store. The company was formerly known as Tegal Corporation and currently trades its common stocks on the NASDAQ, using the ticker symbol CLRX.