The burn-in and thermal solutions offered by Cohu, Inc. are used in the industries of closed-circuit television equipment, semiconductor and microwave communications. The company, which was incorporated in January 1957 is currently headquartered in Poway, California.

The offerings of the company are categorized under two segments: Semiconductor Equipment and Microwave Communications. The line of products and systems offered under their Semiconductor Equipment division is capable of handling a wide range of integrated circuit packages. These equipments include MEMS test modules, burn-in equipment and thermal sub-systems. Antenna systems, microwave communications equipment and other related equipment are the products offered by their Microwave Communications unit. These products are used in audio and telemetry data and as well as video transmission.

The history of the company started in 1945 in a tiny laboratory that evolved through partnership and was formed as Kalbfell Laboratories, Inc. This company was then brought by Cohu Electronics, Inc. which then incorporated all of its operations and adopted its current name.