As science continues to explore and develop novelty therapeutics, it has stumbled upon the nutritional value offered by microalgae. These microscopic plants number to more than 30,000 species and have a wide range of biochemical and physiological characteristics. These plants also have very high nutritional levels that if you are to check on the labels of the majority of food supplements, you are to see its name on the roster of materials used.

Cyanotech is one of the companies that have joined the production of nutritional supplements from microalgae. The business was incorporated in March 1980 and has already marketed two products from these microscopic plants. The high value natural products discovered and manufactured by the company are marketed under the brand names Hawaiian BioAstin and Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. The company also continues to supply these microalgae products to the immunological diagnostics and the food coloring markets. Years of research have resulted to the business strongly understanding the nature of these algae and creating a process that would recycle the raw materials used and lower their operating costs.

Because of the careful means of harvesting these microalgae, the company is not able to make a huge impact on the environment. Their harvesting method does not create any erosion or water pollution as they continue to stray from the usage of herbicides and pesticides. The spirulina produced by the company come in two forms: powder and tablets. The tablets are consumed as a dietary supplement while the powder form is used as an ingredient to other nutritional supplements. They continue to cultivate their own microalgae to address their large-scale needs for the plants.

It is in Kailua Kona, Hawaii that the business holds its corporate office. The business remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ and markets its common stocks using the ticker symbol CYAN.