When it comes to auto racing circuits, Dover Motorsports understands the needs of every racer and every spectator and gamer. The business, after all, used to own several circuits across the United States and is the owner of the Dover International Speedway. Based in Dover, Delaware, the business not only hosts auto racing games, but also hosts several major music festivals.

Currently, Dover Motorsports used to own three other facilities which were located in Illinois and Tennessee. These properties were sold in 2011 and 2012. The only facility that the company owns and operates today is the world’s fastest one-mile concrete oval, the Dover International Speedway. The facility opened in June 1969 and has since then hosted several NASCAR activities. This property opened to the world with the inaugural running of the “Mason-Dixon 300”. This facility has earned the nickname “Monster Mile” for its unique blend of speeds that reached 175 mph and its 24 degree sweeping turns and 9 degrees narrow straightaways. Dover continuously serves as the preferred and favorite circuit among fans and drivers for its tough nature on both man and machine.

The Firefly Music Festival is just one of the many major music festivals that are held in the facilities of the circuit. This festivity runs for three days and features 48 national music artists. Thousands of fans flock the arena to witness the grand showcase of talent and good music. On a daily basis, it has been recorded that there are more than 80,000 fans who joined this happening.

Dover Motorsports continues to provide the country with exceptional entertainment in music and in auto racing. The business was once known as Dover Downs Entertainment and was once part of the Dover Downs business in Dover, Delaware. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and uses the symbol DVD.