It was in 1925 that H. O. Hirt created the Erie Insurance Group. The company today is considered as one of the largest providers of insurance coverage in the United States. This American company is engaged in offering multi-line insurance coverage, which includes commercial and life, home and auto insurance. Headquartered in Erie, Pennyslvania, the company continues to offer its policies through its network of independent insurance agents.

The operations of the company extend in 12 states and in the District of Columbia. Since its inception, the business is there to provide its customers the assistance to make the right choice and pick the right insurance coverage for their needs. The business is known for offering coverages without any surprises. Every policyholder is offered the assistance and orientation to better understand how their policy works. Honesty, decency of service and affordability are the principles that govern the operations of the company.

Erie Insurance Group is considered as the 12th automobile insurer in the United States. They are also ranked as the 11th largest home insurer in the country with more than 4.9 million policies in force. In 2014, the business was also ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of the 500 largest U.S. Companies. Annually, the business generates more than $6.2 billion in revenue. Starting out as an automobile insurer, the venture started offering other coverages as they expanded their operations. The protection that Erie Insurance offers to their customers remain unparalleled, not only because of the returns, but also because of the extra mile that the company is willing to go to assist every policyholder.

Getting every important property covered and insured is a necessity today, especially that times are very unpredictable. There is also a strong need to get a life and retirement plan that would help us live the lifestyle we want to lead when we reach retirement age. All of these are coverages that Erie Insurance understands and offers with utmost dedication to their customers.