As petroleum-based products remain expensive, the world has turned into alternative renewable chemicals to create the same components like those of petroleum. It is in this arena that Gevo, Inc. competes.

This Englewood, Colorado-based company continues to engage in the production of various materials from isobutanol, a versatile chemical platform that serves as a solvent and as a gasoline blendstock. They are able to create isobutanol from their expertise in synthetic biology and chemistry. By marketing this compound, they are able to help refiners reach their goals of being environmentally responsible by emitting clean combustion and renewable fuel. The company has their proprietary platform technology to continue on fermenting this isobutanol from the raw materials they use. They named this technology, the Gevo Integrated Fermentation Technology platform.

The business is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ and continues to market its common shares, using the ticker symbol GEVO. It remains a component of the Wilshire 5000 Index.