It is in Alpharetta, Georgia that Halyard Health, Inc. holds its headquarters. The business is one of the providers of several brand names that continue to provide the world with the much needed products to address patient recovery. The company was once a subsidiary of Kimberly-Clark and was spun off in November 2014.

As a global business, the company continues to generate more than $1.7 billion in annual revenue. They maintain 11 global manufacturing facilities and employ the assistance of more than 12,000 employees around the world. The products offered by the company are used in preventing infection, speed up recovery and in eliminating pain. These offerings are solutions for digestive health, pain management, IV therapy, respiratory health, surgical solutions, infection prevention and respiratory health. Their products are able to reach more than 100 countries around the world.

Seeking to advance and alleviate the condition of the healthcare industry, Halyard Health, Inc. continues to operate two reporting segments within the business: Medical Devices and Surgical and Infection Prevention (S&IP). The latter continues to produce facial protection, medical exam gloves, protective apparel, surgical drapes and gowns and sterilization wrap. These products are marketed under the brand names Sterling, Purple Nitrile, Lavender, Microcool, PowerGuard, Smart-Fold, Quick Check, KimGuard and One-Step, among others. The Medical Device unit continues to provide enteral feeding tubes, closed airway suction systems, minimally invasive interventional pain therapies and post-operative pain management solutions. These offerings are sold under the names Microcuff, Coolief, On-Q, Mic-Key and several others.

Halyard has a very strong commitment to improve the wellbeing of every individual they touch. It has always been the company’s mission to improve the condition of the entire healthcare industry, while continuously providing value to their shareholders. Currently, the business trades its common shares publicly. Its stocks are marketed on the New York Stock Exchange, using the ticker symbol HYH.