HSN, Inc. is a publicly traded company with stocks marketed on the NASDAQ. Its common shares are traded using the ticker symbol HSNI. The business continues to serve as an interactive multichannel retailer.

With its strong expertise in direct-to-consumer marketing, the business continues to operate through its two reporting subsidiaries: the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and Cornerstone. These two brand names continue to provide shoppers a unique experience where they can get the items they want at their most convenient time and place. The business continues to utilize mobile application, online platform, catalogs, TV, and through their physical stores. HSN, Inc. is able to reach more than 95 million homes in the United States.

With 24 hours a day broadcasting capacity, it is no wonder that HSN, Inc. is able to generate more than $3.6 billion in annual revenue. The company continues to operate from its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.