As a technology company, LRAD Corporation continues to wield its expertise in acoustics, manufacturing and technology to create long range hailing devices. The business is known as the producer of the most intelligible, long range and reliable long range acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) in the market.

The business began in 1996 as the American Technology Corporation. It was not until 2010 that the business started using its current corporate name. The sound technology offered by the company has been offered to the government and commercial markets since its inception. The trademark product of the business, the Long Range Acoustic Device was introduced in 2000 after the attack on the USS Cole. With the birth of this product, the business also started a new industry.

Today, the offerings of LRAD Corporation are used in several applications including in wildlife and assets, homeland security, defense, law enforcement, mass notification, border security and in maritime. Currently, the company holds its corporate office in San Diego, California.