Gold is considered one of the best performing commodities. This product is sought after for its many uses. It is used in jewelries, coinage and in electronic products. Gold diggers invest in heavy machineries and other equipment to mine for this precious material. In North America, Midway Gold Corporation is one of the leading companies that continue to mine this product.

The company has several properties across the United States that mine gold and silver minerals. It sifts from dirt, gold and precious minerals that they market to various industries around the world. The business has several properties that are already providing the precious minerals and they have several other assets that are currently on its exploratory-stage. Some of the projects they are currently working are the Spring Valley, Gold Eagle properties, Gold Rock and Tonopah properties.

It is in Englewood, Colorado that the business holds its headquarters. The company remains traded publicly on the Over-the-Counter Markets and uses the ticker symbol MDWCQ.