Irvine, California-based Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc. is a producer of various flexible circuit assemblies and printed circuits. The business was created in 1984 and is now globally known as one of the largest suppliers of these flexible circuits.

The products offered by the company are used in various electronic devices and are mostly sold to original equipment manufacturers. Their offerings are incorporated  in portable bar code scanners, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, data storage devices, wearables, and in several other electronic products. The customers of the company include some of the world’s largest names in the electronic device industry and are from Europe, Asia and in North America. Flexible printed circuits are conductors that are bonded to a thin dielectric film.

To ensure they are able to meet the requirements and demands of their business partners, Multi-Fineline Electronix operates 6 facilities around the world. These hubs are located in California, China, Korea, Taiwan and in Singapore.