Registered as a diversified global industrial company, Nortek, Inc. continues to offer the world with the latest air management and technology-driven solutions that are mainly used to improve lifestyle at home and at work.

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, the company’s history goes back to its founding in 1967. There are two major segments in the business that are further classified into six business segments. Air Management has Air Quality & Home Solutions, Residential & Commercial HVAC and Custom and Commercial Air Solutions as its business units. Under Technology, the company has Audio, Video & Control Solutions; Security & Control Solutions and Ergonomic & Productivity Solutions. Together, these business segments contribute to the company’s multi-billion dollar annual revenue.

The products and solutions offered by Nortek are used in hospitals, schools, home, offices and in various nonresidential applications. The company remains publicly traded on the NASDAQ and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol NTK.