As the oil and natural gas energy of the world continues to get depleted, technology companies also start to create devices that would harness alternative energy. Other than hydro, solar and wind energy, wave energy is one of the easily accessible energy sources that we can tap. Because the world has a huge supply of large bodies of water, we are abundant with the amount of waves that could produce the power we need to power useful work.

Ocean Power Technologies is among the renewable energy companies headquartered in the United States that harness the power of wave energy to power some of the electricity-driven applications we have today. It continues to design, develop and market power generation devices, services and other related equipment that harnesses the energy from ocean waves. It is in Princeton, New Jersey that the company holds its corporate office and through its subsidiaries, it markets its products around the world.

Considered as one of the pioneers in the arena of renewable wave-energy technology, Ocean Power Technologies markets their PowerBuoy system. Since 1997, this product has undergone periodic ocean testing to ensure its efficacy and efficiency in drawing the renewable energy produced by the ocean waves. The PowerBuoy integrates technologies related to electronics, energy conversion, hydrodynamics and computer control systems to harness the natural energy produced by the waves. By using these devices, users are able to produce reliable energy that is clean, reliable and is capable of supporting offshore applications.

Several global projects are already using this technology. The technology behind this device is scalable to hundreds of megawatts of generated energy. The Ocean Power Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd (OPTA) is the company’s subsidiary based in Australia, while the Ocean Power Technologies Limited, is the UK counterpart of the company.