We are in an era wherein global crisis such as wars entail the use of global chemical warfare. Several leftist groups have started creating their concoction of these chemical and biological warfare products that could wipe out an entire region by starting an epidemic. Thanks to companies like PharmAthene, Inc., the world is given the ammunition it needs to combat the hazards brought about by these damaging chemicals and biological products.

PharmAthene, Inc. is an American biodefense company that creates vaccines, anti-virus and other therapeutics that are intended to combat any biological or chemical threat. The company is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland and develops and discovers medical counter measures to help make the world a safer place. Health security is the primary objective of the company. It allocates a huge amount of its generated revenue back to its research and development department to create novelty medical solutions.

The business employs the expertise of some of the world’s most talented individuals, who are seasoned pharmaceutical experts, talented biotechnology scientists and government contracting professionals. Their pool of talents has a strong understanding in the field of genome science, infectious diseases, pharmaceutical marketing and management and several other fields of interests related to the creation of novel drugs. PharmAthene, Inc. has several product pipeline candidates that are in various phases of clinical studies. Their portfolio includes vaccine for Anthrax, medications against pesticide and nerve gas poisoning; and monoclonal antibodies that are intended to prevent and combat various forms of anthrax infections.

In addition to the research and development taken on by the company on its own, PharmAthene, also has strong ties with other pharmaceutical companies that helped the business hasten the development of their products. The company remains publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange, and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol PIP.