In countries like the United States wherein regions are just divided by borders, railroad companies continue to be the top method of transportation. This is especially true when it comes to commerce as these trains are capable of transporting huge amounts of freight, at a lesser time. There are several railroad companies in the country that traverse from one state to another and services a wide range of industries. One of the well revered companies is Providence & Worcester Railroad Company.

The business is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts. For more than 160 years, the company has been providing the country with the fastest means of transporting goods from state to the other. Through the services offered by the business, they are able to indirectly impact the economy of states and communities. The company is registered as a Class II railroad venture. These types of railroad companies are focused on freight and are categorized as mid-sized in terms of operating revenue. These companies are also commonly referred to as Regional Railroads.

As a Class II railroad company, Providence & Worcester Railroad owns a network of railroad that starts in Gardner, Massachusetts and connects to Providence, Rhode Island and traverses down to Connecticut and New York City. It has a trackage right over the Hell Gate Bridge, which the company uses to connect their operations in Connecticut to New York City. Several companies rely on the services offered by Providence & Worcester Railroad. The transportation of their goods to some of the key markets in these three states remain consistently on time because of the services of the company.

The formation of Providence & Worcester Railroad happened in May 1844 after the Providence and Worcester Railway merged with the Providence and Worcester Railroad. As of, there are more than 140 customers who entrust their commodities to the timeliness and the logistics capacity of the business. During their 2014 fiscal year alone, the business was able to transport more than 35,190 carloads of freight.