Cancer is one of the most cunning diseases. While science advances, the disease also starts to adopt to the various treatments available. Cancer continues to plague humanity and just when one thinks they have already rid their bodies of the ailment, it will come back and become more vicious and aggressive.

Through the years, science has proven that the best way for us to combat cancer is through personal approach. While the illness bears one name, it has several means of curing it and knowing the genetic composition of each patient greatly helps win the game. Response Genetics, Inc. is one of the life sciences companies that weild their proprietary technology to help millions of lives around the world. The business is engaged in helping physicians extract and analyse genetic information that would greatly aid in making time-critical and well informed treatment decisions.

It is in Los Angeles, California that the business holds its corporate office. It focuses on its research and development division and researches, develops and markets pharmacogenomic tests to help in the treatment of cancer. It uses nucleic acids drawn from their patients and analyses the biomarkers using the polymerase chain reaction method. Its platform uses various techniques to understand the DNA composition of the patient and analyses how the cancer cells would react if presented with various medications. The ResponseDX diagnostic testing products are the flagship offerings of the company. The business also partners with pharmaceutical companies across the country, in Asia and Europe to provide clinical testing services.

The testing kits that are offered by the company are capable of capturing and analyzing various forms of cancer. Response Genetics competes against companies like Novartis, NeoGenomics, Inc. Caris Life Sciences and Laboratory Corporation of America. The business is listed as one of the components of the Wilshire 5000 Index.