Lisle, Illinois-based Suncoke Energy Partners LP is engaged in the production of coke that is used in blast furnace production. For years, the company has been serving both steel and energy companies and provided them with the raw materials used in processing their products. The business was incorporated in July 2012 and remains publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Common shares of the business are marketed using the ticker symbol SXCP.

The operations of the company are divided into two reporting segments, namely Domestic Coke and Coal Logistics. Through the interests of the company in Lakeshore Coal Handling Corporation, the business also engages in coal handling and blending. The Domestic Coke operation of the company is comprised of their Haverhill and Middletown operations, both of which are located in Ohio. These facilities make use of heat recovery technology to process coke. The heat byproduct of the company is used to create steam or electricity that is also marketed by the business as another source of revenue. The Coal Logistics operations of the company are located in West Virginia, Kentucky an in Indiana. This business unit continues to engage in coal handling and blending services.

Considered as one of the largest coke manufacturers in the world, SunCoke Energy Partners process 6.3 million tons of coke annually. The 4.2 million tons of cokemaking capacity of the business in the United States represent 25% of the markets in the United States and in Canada. To ensure the longevity of their investments and provide better value to their shareholders, the company’s contracts with their business partners are not set to expire before 2020. Recently, the business also acquired the Convent Marine Terminal, which further bolstered the company’s terminaling capacity and added another 10 million tons to its annual volume commitment.