Americans still like going to the movies and MoviePass is changing the way they come to theaters. Founded in 2011 by Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt, MoviePass has undergone several changes and met resistance especially from theater chains yet persevered. From 2011 to 2012, for example, its members subscribed to a voucher system where they can print vouchers at home and redeem the vouchers for a movie ticker in participating theaters.

Today, members use a new proprietary location-based payment technology and subscription-based service. The former provides its members with a fast, secure and independent method of purchasing tickets while the latter gives its members the opportunity to see one movie every 24 hours; members can avail of the service via a fixed monthly fee. Members enjoy several privileges including the opportunity to choose the movie theaters and the absence of so-called blackout dates.

MoviePass members can use their MasterCard credit card to avail of the services. Due to the partnerships, the company maintains one of the United States’ largest subscription-based theater networks. Subscription fees vary by region with the most affordable at $30 per month.

The company’s app works on Android and iPhone devices. Members receive a reloadable debit card in the mail upon signing up for the service.

Purchasing a ticket is fast, easy and convenient. A member should be within a hundred yards of his chosen theater; check in to the theater through his smartphone app; and choose their movie and time. Upon check-in, his reloadable debit card is loaded with the single ticket’s price for the movie theater.

Basically, MoviePass’ card can be used in a similar manner as a credit and debit card in purchasing tickets at the ticket counter. Members can purchase their tickets every 24 hours, which makes MoviePass a must-have for movie fans.

MoviePass has been awarded with several awards including Business Insider’s The Best of Everything in 2012 and 25 Most Disruptive Apps of 2012.