Founded in 1958, X-Rite Inc. considers itself as the worldwide leader in color measurement and management systems, solutions and supplies including their trends and technology. Its complete suite of solutions and services are designed to provide expert assistance to its clients, such as manufacturers, suppliers, and company brands, define, communicate and manage their color standards for a wide range of materials, in-process goods, and finished products.

X-Rite’s influence stretches across several industries including automotive, print and packaging, beauty and cosmetics, graphic design, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, textiles, medical and dental (i.e., x-ray processing), photography, food manufacturing, videos and displays, and plastics, among others. With its expertise in color trends, X-Rite also influences these industries so much so that where consumers see colors, the Danaher Company-owned subsidiary with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan most likely had a hand in it. The company also communicates color specifications, formulates and measures colors, and suggests revisions in colors for its clients, which are crucial in many aspects of their operations from sales and marketing to compliance with legal regulations.

One of X-Rite’s wholly-owned subsidiaries is Pantone LLC, the world-famous authority on color as well as provider of color systems. Such is the renown of the Pantone brand that it is synonymous with the language of color with applications from manufacturer and designer to retailer and customers. Its institute provides the world with a wide range of services including color forecasts, insights, and consultations while its “Pantone Color of the Year” announcement is highly anticipated because of its widespread influence on color trends in the fashion, cosmetics and home industries.

X-Rite also maintains other brands including Munsell Color, i1, eXact, Gretag Macbeth, and CAPSURE, to name a few. These brands are known for their passionate dedication to the art and science of color in all of its aspects from its ideation to its production on the finished consumer products.