In the United States alone, the per capita consumption of wines in 2014 was 2.84 gallons (Wine Institute), which translates to 893 million gallons of wine consumed during the year. Indeed, The Wine Group has a dedicated market for its wide range of quality yet affordable wines.

Founded in 1981 with its headquarters in Livermore, California, The Wine Group is a well-known alcoholic beverage company. As of 2008, it was considered as the world’s third-largest producer of wines – and it’s not surprising, too, considering that California is considered as the heart of wine manufacture in the United States.

Among its wine brands are A Mano, Concannon Vineyard, Almaden Vineyards, Cupcake Vineyards, Big House, FishEye, Flipflop Wines, Grape & Vine, Corbett Canyon, Foxhorn, Franzia, Pinot Evil, Mogen David, MD 20/20, Seven, and Silver Birch.

The Wine Group has also garnered several awards for its world-class wines. Cupcake Vineyards, for example, was awarded the 2011 “Wine Brand of the Year” by MarketWatch Leaders Choice Award while Flipflop Wines won the “Best New Product – Wine” during the 2012 MarketWatch Leader’s Choice Award.