Vulcan Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vulcan International Corporation, is among the leading materials manufacturer in the United States. The Clarksville, Tennessee-based company specializes in foam, rubber and plastic products as well as in bowling pins with its 272,000-square feet manufacturing facility having a total mixing capacity of over 50 million pounds yearly. The rubber and foam products are manufactured in the Rubber Division’s abovementioned plant, which was originally built and used by B.F. Goodrich Corporation.

Vulcan Corporation sells approximately 57% of their products to several shoe companies. The company also has a joint venture agreement with Brunswick Bowling & Billiards in the manufacture of bowling pins, which are produced using its proprietary Surlyn coating process.

While its manufacturing officers are in Tennessee, its General Accounting Offices are in Cincinnati, Ohio. Vulcan Corporation has established and continues to maintain its leadership status in the sector because of its passionate commitment to world-class product quality, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery as well as superior customer service.