Western Digital Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hard disk drives and among the one of the most reliable manufacturers of computer data storage products. Founded by Alvin Phillips in April 1970 as General Digital, its leadership status in the electronic circuit industry has been established due to its commitment to world-class integrated circuits and storage products.

The company is also known for its above-average warranties on its hard disk drives with the warranties ranging from one to five years; for example, the enterprise-class models like Re, Se and Velociraptor has a 5-year warranty. The industry standard is a two-year warranty period. Customers can choose from two warranty options, namely, the retail price is inclusive of the warranty and a longer warranty period that can be purchased from its official website.

Western Digital also offers a replacement policy. Customers can replace broken products with new ones within the 30-day replacement period.

The company is also known for its numerous innovations including the first single-chip UART, the first single-chip floppy disk controller, and the first mass market 8-MB buffer IDE drive, among others.