Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing, also simply known as Vaughan Manufacturing, is an American manufacturing company known for its world-class product lines consisting of hammers, prybars, axes, and handsaws. Such is its comprehensive range of products that it manufactures over 250 kinds of hammers thus ensuring that every consumer need and want will be addressed.

Alexander Vaughan founded the company in 1869 in Peoria, Illinois as a plumbing business owned and managed by the 18-year old blacksmith. He soon set up a blacksmith shop behind Sidney Bushnell’s hardware store in Chicago, Illinois. He was granted a patent for a better post auger in 15 June 1869 and he was soon manufacturing custom tools.

But in 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed much of the company. Bushnell, fortunately, invested additional funds into Vaughn’s company thus allowing it to be incorporated as Vaughan and Bushnell Manufacturing Company in 1882. With its new management, the company shifted its focus to the manufacture of hatchets, hammers, wrecking bars, and axes.

By 1922, the Vaughn family purchased the Bushnell family’s interest but retained the corporate name. In 1963, its headquarters were moved to Hebron, Illinois. In 1966, the company formed a subsidiary, The V&B Mfg. Co., which manufactured hickory handles for its product lines; the subsidiary was located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

In 1992, Vaughn Manufacturing added the GroundBreakers landscaping tools to its existing product lines. With their innovative design, construction and features, these landscaping tools became quickly popular among homeowners, landscapers, and contractors.

In 1994, the company purchased a saw mill in Centreville, Texas that supplied high-quality hickory for its landscaping and striking tools. The saw mill was located in the heart of a sustainable hickory forest, which explains the company’s decision to acquire it.

One of the highlights of Vaughn Manufacturing’s existence was its final approval for the International Standards Organization ISO 9002 Certification in 1993. It was the world’s first striking tool manufacturer to be awarded said prestigious award.