Registered as a publisher and a provider of information services, Daily Journal Corporation started its venture in 1986. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is currently being overseen by Gerald Salzman, as CEO. Additionally, the company’s chairman is Charles T. Munger, who is best known for being the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Thriving in the publishing industry, Daily Journal Corporation continues to publish newspapers and websites that cover news and updates in California and Arizona. Daily Journal is also best known for its specialty in public notice advertising. There are two reporting segments within the venture, namely Traditional Business and Journal Technologies. These two divisions are represented by several subsidiaries that help generate the multi-million dollar annual revenue of the corporation.

The Traditional Business division continues to engage in the publishing of magazines and newspapers. This segment also offers other related publishing services to clients across the two states. The two largest publications of this division are the San Francisco Daily Journal and the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Their Journal Technologies unit is represented by three businesses, namely ISD Technologies, Inc., New Dawn Technologies, Inc. and Sustain Technologies, Inc. These subsidiaries engage in supplying case management software systems to courts and other justice agencies. Their flagship product is the eCourt, which is a web-based case processing system. This platform is currently licensed to more than 500 organizations that are located in 43 states in the country. There are also two other countries where this technology is made available to.

More than 200 associates are working for the business. Daily Journal Corporation continues to publicly trade on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and markets its common shares using the ticker symbol DJCO. The company is listed as one of the components of the Russell 3000 Index.