Headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Globant operates as a global software development company. It was created by Martin Migoya, Nestor Nocetti, Martin Umaran and Guibert Englebienne in 2003. Martin Migoya currently acts as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. The business is a multi-million venture and works with companies around the world to create the best software and mobile applications.

Currently, the company has more than 4,500 professionals, who are working on projects for businesses like Zynga, LinkedIn, Google and JWT, among others. Leveraging on emerging technologies and trends, Globant continues to create a new breed of technology and delivers innovative solutions to their business partners. It has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, the United States and in the United Kingdom.

The expertise of the company in developing software is evident in the success of various well-loved brand names in the world. The business is a melting pot of engineering skills, innovative solutions and aggressive designers, who are hungry and eager to show the world the latest technology to change our lifestyle. For its contribution to technological advancement, IDC Survey has recognized Globant as part of the Top 10 Vendors in Mobile Application Development. Global Services has also named the company as part of the Top 10 Product Engineering Vendors in 2011. Globant has also been featured as part of the case study presented in elite institutions like MIT, Harvard and Stanford, among others.

The growth of the business is strongly attributed to the aggressive stance of the business to acquire competing brand names. Currently, the products and services offered by Globant include software development, social network development, infrastructure management, mobile application development and mainframe migration. As of 2014, the business has more than 3,700 professionals working around the world. In the same year, the business made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange and started marketing its stocks using the symbol GLOB.