Established in 1987, Wildlife Forever is a multi-awarded environmental conservation organization focused on providing funding support for conservation programs across North America. Since its inception, it has funded more than a thousand projects in all 50 states of the United States as well as in Canada with the funding coursed through federal agencies, state game and fish departments, and special interest conservation groups, among others.

Wildlife Forever usually identifies its target beneficiaries based on their programs and projects related to research, management, and land acquisition as well as educational purposes. Grassroots programs are preferred because of their localized impact.

Among Wildlife Forever’s accomplishments are:

• Purchase of over 32,300 acres of land used for public recreation purposes
• Construction of over 9,200 waterfowl and bird nesting structures
• Wetland restoration of over 29,400 acres
• Planting of over 132,200 trees in national forests
• Implementation of better land management practices including reforestation

For its efforts, Wildlife Forever has been recognized with several awards including the Annual Telly Awards, the National Invasive Species Program Award, and the Conservation Achievement Award by the American Fisheries Society.